Of course it is scary, we are rated number one in the state for a reason!

We recommend anyone 12 and over. However it is at the parents discretion if they feel their child are you capable of handling our attraction.

Yes, our actors might touch you. We are all trained professionals and our customers safety is our top priority. We won't hurt you. And No you cannot touch any of our actors.

Absolutely not. No cameras or any recording devices will be allowed inside our attraction at any time. Should we see you with a camera or a recording device you will be immediately asked to leave with no refunds offered.

If you're too scared then that means we did our job. There are no refunds, returns, or exchanges at any point for any reason. If you chicken out midway, there are no refunds. If you do not make it through our front doors, there are no refunds. If you get sick or pass out from pure terror, there are no refunds.

Oh yes! Everyone at some point will be asked to separate no matter the age. If you do not want to separate, Bane haunted house is not the attraction for you.

YES! These Tickets must be purchased via our website. They will not be available at the door.

Because we are a live show, it is very difficult to immediately retrieve anything that is dropped during your walk-through. However we will do our best to find your lost item. If we cannot find your lost item, we will contact you the next day after we do our cleanup

There will be no heels, sandals, or open toe shoes allowed in the attraction at anytime. There are no exceptions to this rule. Also if you are wearing a cast you will not be allowed to enter.

Absolutely! Should you need any assistance please contact us directly.

We're sorry, due to the safety measures of our attraction, no bags of any size will be allowed inside Bane. Our security will ask you to leave all bags in your vehicle.

You must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time slot. Should you arrive after your scheduled timeslot, you will not be guaranteed entrance. At that point you will be asked to get into our regular walk up line.

If you chicken out midway, standstill and yell for mercy. One of our back stage managers will come and get you.